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Myopia Control DAY Soft Contact Lenses

How does it work?

Tested and certified for its efficacy, ESENCIA® is designed to slow-down early myopia progression and growth.


ESENCIA® Efficacy Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies conducted with ESENCIA® show:

51% reduction in the progression of myopia (cycloplegic autorefraction) (p<0.05)

41% reduction in axial length growth (p<0.05)

58% reduction in subjective refraction increase (p<0.05)

91.7% of participants rated the lens as “comfortable”

100% of participants reported good quality of vision with Esencia®

*Results obtained from Randomized Multicenter Double-Blind Clinical Trial on the Clinical Efficacy and safety of the treatment with Soft Contact Lens Esencia® versus Conventional Soft Contact Lens in Myopic Patients (N=70; T-12M)

Esencia® has obtained CE Certification for the therapeutic indication “Correction and Control of Myopia Progression in Children and Adolescent Users” (CE Certificate 98 01 00 67 CP, section 1.2.a.1 Esencia)

Who is a good candidate for myopia-control DAY soft contact lenses?

Myopia is progressing aggressively

Resistance to overnight wear Ortho-K lenses

Myopia is already at a level too high to be controlled by other spectacles or contact lenses

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Instructions for use

ESENCIA® meets the highest efficacy and safety standards and obtained CE Certification for “Correction and Control of the progression of myopia in pediatric and adolescent users”. ESENCIA® is brand under our esteemed partner, Tiedra, a biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2003, headquartered in Spain.