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Multifocal Lenses

As you approach 40 years old, you are more likely to experience the onset of presbyopia, a natural condition that affects almost everyone.

Understanding Presbyopia

A refractive error, known as presbyopia, results from a disorder caused by the aging of the lens in the eye and muscles that control the shape of the lens, which becomes less flexible and makes close-range focus more difficult.

OCUVIQ® Renovation® Multifocal Lenses

The Renovation GP multifocal lenses, known as presbyopia, not only correct your near vision issue, the multiple focus points lens design helps the patient to accommodate various focal lengths in a smooth and natural visual transition, providing vision clarity at all points.

These progressive lenses allow you to focus on distant vision (driving), intermediate vision (computer), and near vision (reading), the best all-around solution for people who need vision correction for all distances.

Why Choose OCUVIQ® Renovation® Multifocal Lenses

Multiple Focus Point

All-In-One clear vision solutions cater to near, intermediate, and distance ranges, even in bright and dim light conditions.

Healthier Choice

Exceptional oxygen flow helps maintain optimum eye health and comfort with advanced contact lens materials.


A customized design is prescribed based on the patient’s exact requirements and specific needs to achieve better visual accuracy.


OCUVIQ® Bi expert Lenses

The Bi expert GP bifocal lens segmented design features a patented slab off technology for a 360° uniform thin edge, providing patients with instantaneous clear distance to near vision with excellent comfort.


Natural translation with lower eyelid

Equal thickness of the edge all around the contact

Instantaneous vision from distance to near

Excellent comfort

Oculus’s products are manufactured in strict compliance with the quality assurance system ISO 13485 requirements.