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OCUVIQ® GP Lens Care System

The Solution for Healthier and Comfortable Eyes

Excellent cleaning performance

Effective disinfection for healthier lens wear

Lasting comfort and relief

Formulated specifically for all GP lens include Ortho-K lens

Daily Cleaning
& Disinfection

Weekly Deep Cleaning

Lubricate & Rewet
GP Contact Lenses

OCUVIQ® Lens Care Solutions are formulated specifically for the effective lens care and maintenance of GP contact lenses.


OCUVIQ® All-Lenses Cleaner

OCUVIQ® All-Lenses Cleaner is an aqueous cleaning solution for Gas Permeable (GP) and soft contact lenses, which include Silicone Hydrogel lenses, with a disinfectant and a surfactant effective in removing lipids and protein deposits adhered to the contact lenses.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The effective formula contains two active ingredients, a disinfectant, and a surfactant, that work together to eliminate deposits and microorganisms from the lens’ surface.
  • These active ingredients attract and remove particles such as fats, proteins, traces of make-up, and any other residues that can accumulate on the lenses, preventing the protein build-up that causes discomfort and possible eye infections.
  • Especially recommended for use with Orthokeratology contact lenses.


OCUVIQ® Conditioning Solution

OCUVIQ® Conditioning Solution is an aqueous solution for conditioning, disinfecting, and storing GP contact lenses.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The efficacy of two active ingredients, a disinfectant, and a moisturizing formulation, eliminate microorganisms and condition your GP lenses to provide a safe and comfortable wearing experience.
  • Protect your eyes for comfortable lens wear and healthy vision.
  • Effectively conditions, disinfects, and stores GP contact lenses.


OCUVIQ® Enzymatic Cleaner Tablets

For Gas Permeable (GP) and soft contact lenses, including Silicone Hydrogel lenses

Key Features & Benefits

  • Effectively remove proteins deposits on the lens surface to maintain lens clarity and vision quality.
  • Deep cleanse once a week to reduce the risk of eye infections and enhance comfort.


Aquawet Eye Drops is a preservative-free eye drop for direct application onto the eyes to lubricate and rewet GP contact lenses during lens wear, providing immediate soothing relief and protection for dry, irritated eyes;  also indicated for post-refractive surgery dry eye conditions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • A unique formula designed to retain moisture for an extended period, ensuring long-lasting eye comfort.
  • Especially recommended for use with Orthokeratology contact lenses and post-refractive surgery for dry eyes.
  • Sodium Carmellose forms a viscous gel on the eye surface; in the form of a transparent film that lubricates, moisturizes, and protects the ocular surface.
  • Sodium Carmellose helps retain moisture on the eye surface for an extended period.
  • Stimulate corneal re-epithelialization.
  • Sodium Carmellose provides the contact lens wearer with maximized lens-wearing comfort.

Always read the label of the product package before use, and read the printed information inside the carton for full instructions and safety information.  Use the products only as directed, and consult an eye-care practitioner for suitability of product use.   If symptoms persist, see your eye care practitioner.