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OCUVIQ – Vision • Intelligence

Vision is our passion.
Intelligence is at the core of everything we do.
Vision fueled by intelligence.

At Oculus, our unwavering commitment is to enhance the visual well-being of individuals across all walks of life, catering to the patient’s ever-changing needs and preferences with a comprehensive range of intelligently crafted products to effectively address a wide range of eye health issues and conditions.

Opt for OCUVIQ for your eye care needs and experience the difference.  We are dedicated to providing accessible and affordable eye care solutions without compromising quality or performance.


1983 – 2023
(40 years in business)

Oculus is a distribution partner of Boston lens care products, Tiedra Esencia and Alexa contact lenses and lens care products, and a licensed manufacturing and distribution partner of Art Optical lenses in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Oculus’s products are manufactured in conformity with the quality assurance system ISO 13485 requirements and meet the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Oculus has a direct presence in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, with a network of international distribution partners, Oculus’s products are sold in over 50 countries globally.

Oculus is excited to announce the dynamic new partnership with Tiedra Farmacéutica SL (TIEDRA)

Tiedra Farmacéutica SL (TIEDRA), a private capital biopharmaceutical company founded in 2003 by members of the TIEDRA family and headquartered in Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain, marking a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence, relentlessly bringing forth new, improved products leveraging on the research, development, and innovation to provide quality eye care solutions to enhance people’s vision and improve their quality of life.

Oculus and TIEDRA, with a combined 60 years of business experience and expertise will foster growth, embarking on a remarkable journey of collective success and delivering value to our customers. This partnership is a fusion of two visionary organizations driven by a shared commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and pioneering solutions in offering quality eyecare products to the people.

What does this partnership mean for you, our valuable consumers? – This means you will have access to an expanded range of quality products and services tailored to your unique needs.

We are delighted to forge a strong business partnership with Tiedra, taking our commitment to the next level, working closely with the Tiedra team as one professional unit to deliver exciting quality products to our valued customers across the various countries we serve and, we couldn’t be more excited about the endless possibilities this partnership holds, reaching out to serving more consumers who deserve quality and affordable eye care products.

Our Values

Offering eye care solutions to empower people to see the world with clarity and confidence

Great passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional eye care solution

Commitment to providing accessible and affordable eye care solutions for all

Building a dedicated and caring team of professionals to serve the market

Uphold high standards of business integrity