Specialty GP contact lenses may be custom designed if you can't wear regular contact lenses due to irregularly shaped eyes or excessively high astigmatism condition.

Art Optical Toric GP lenses are manufactured by advanced computer driven machines and are specifically designed to provide optimal visual performance for those with significant astigmatism.

Since specialty GP lenses can be fabricated to fit unusual corneal surfaces, they are often excellent solutions for individuals with keratoconus or unusual corneal curvature due to natural causes, an unsuccessful LASIK procedure, or other corneal refractive surgery.

Rose K keratoconus lens is the world's most frequently prescribed GP contact lens for keratoconus.

The lenses are designed using complex computer models. Rose K lens material enables the lenses to vault over the cornea, replacing the cornea's irregular shape with a smooth, uniform and refracting surface to improve vision.

Rose K IC lens may improve the eyesight of people who have less-than-perfect results from LASIK or other refractive surgeries, especially when another surgical procedure or enhancement is not possible.