As you approach 40 years old, you are likely to experience the onset of presbyopia – the loss of ability to focus on near objects. It is not a disease or a defect; it is a natural condition that affects almost everyone. Most people don’t know that contact lenses can be bifocal, trifocal, or even progressive.

But it’s true; new multifocal and bifocal contacts are being designed every year for people with presbyopia.

Oculus Multi-Focal GP contact lenses consist of OCUVIQ® Renovaltion Multi-Focal and Boston MultiVision® that provide the best contact lens options for presbyopia. They are progressive lenses that allow you to focus at distant vision (driving), intermediate vision (computer), or near vision (reading). The best all-around, daily use solution to people who need help at all distances.

The new Bi expert GP bifocal is a segmented design featuring patented slab off technology for a 360° uniform thin edge provides excellent comfort and instantaneous vision from distance to near.