Single Vision lenses for the correction of myopia ( short-sightedness ), mild astigmatism, and hyperopia ( long-sightedness ).

OCUVIQ® Spherical GP lenses are made of advanced contact lens materials such as Enflufocon A (EA), Enflufocon B (EB), Hexafocon A (HA) & Hexafocon B (HB). They are FDA-approved patented materials that allow exceptional oxygen flow with UV inhibitor to maintain optimum eye health.

Different material provides different benefits:

Extra Stiffness
Enhance Oxygen
eXtra Oxygen
Ultra Oxygen

GP contact lenses are excellent choices for people with sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or mild astigmatism.

Its patented, ultra-smooth, and non-stick surface resists dirt and debris. It is a good alternative for those who have had difficulty wearing soft lenses or eye glasses.


A Guide to Trouble-Free Contact Lens Wear