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GP Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses
Oxygen Delivery GP contact lenses are made of special polymers that allow your eyes to breathe.

Traditional soft contact lenses usually transmit less oxygen than GP contact lenses.

GP contact lenses have superior optics. Their firm material retains the lens shape better when blinking. Hence, your eyes do not have to refocus as much after each blink.
Soft contact lenses are more likely to distort when you blink; Hence, your eyes must then refocus.
Long-Term Comfort GP contact lenses require almost no water to maintain their shape. Therefore, they will not absorb the moisture from your eyes. After a few hours of wear, water-absorbing soft contact lenses may dry out your eyes and affect your end-of-day eye comfort.
Durability GP contact lenses are made of a firm plastic that do not tear easily. Made of a gel-like plastic, soft contact lenses are easy to tear.
Deposit Resistance GP contact lenses’ smooth finishing and low water retention prevent protein deposits from your tear film. This leads to healthier eyes and more comfortable vision. Soft contact lenses are more likely to harbor bacteria. They will contain the protein deposits when absorbing more tears from your eyes.


Comparison between soft lens (Left) and GP lens (Right) in terms of their sizes,
GP lens comes in a smaller diameter.