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1. Good vision

Made of a firm material, GP lenses can retain their shape well when you blink. Hence, offer crisper vision than soft lenses.

2. Corrects most corneal astigmatism

GP contact lenses are made from a firm plastic material with good shape retain ability. The “tear lens” effect will correct a certain amount of corneal astigmatism.

3. Slow down myopia progression in young children

Studies have shown that GP wearers have lesser myopia (short-sightedness) progression than soft lens wearers. (CLAMP study - Arch Ophthalmol. 2004,122:1760-1766)

4. Good oxygen permeability & ocular health

GP contact lenses can be washed and cleaned off much more efficiently than soft lenses. And most gas permeable lenses allow much more oxygen to pass directly through the material when compared to those conventional soft contact lenses with HEMA based.

5. Excellent handling characteristics

The rigidity of GP contact lenses makes them easy to handle i.e. it will not tear easily when cleaning.


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