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“Gas Permeable” (GP) contact lenses are a great alternative to soft contact lenses.

GP contact lenses are small, slightly flexible lenses made of a firm, durable plastic that transmits oxygen and allows your eyes to “breathe”. Developed through extensive research and customization, they are able to fit your eyes; providing sharp, clear and stable vision.

Do not confuse GP contact lenses with hard lenses. GP contact lenses may be firm, but they are not those uncomfortable hard lenses of the past, which do not allow much oxygen to reach the eyes. In fact, hard lenses are obsolete today.

GP contact lenses are custom made

Because GP contact lenses are often much smaller than today’s soft contact lenses, a new wearer may notice slight movement of the lens when they blink. This movement on the eye actually facilitates a good tear exchange under the lens, favoring oxygen supply to the eye and maintains corneal health.

GP contact lenses are custom made for each individual. Your eye care practitioner/ professional will perform an eye examination and advice you accordingly on your options and suitability of wear.